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Replenish Your Inspiration With This One Neat Trick!

Replenish Your Inspiration With This One Neat Trick!

In this world, at this time, it's hard to stay motivated. Writing for a blog, lifting weights, working, saving money, all of it really is a drag. Sometimes I just want to play video games and eat junk food until the ebbing tide carries me out to sea with the rest of my millennial peers. I am fairly certain that the silent majority of us generally feel that way on occasion. So why is it that you are reading a self help/financial blog right now then? Do you need something that we can provide that will alleviate this morose feeling?

Do you perhaps need a little bit of inspiration?

Funny thing is, I happen to have a little bit of that particular drug kickin' around somewhere and you can have it for a pittance. Hold on a moment, if you could, bare with me; and I will supply to all the crisp and cold soul refreshment you desire.

If I lead an orange cat-shaped horse to water, it should drink right? Good horsie, drink the water now!

If I lead an orange cat-shaped horse to water, it should drink right? Good horsie, drink the water now!

Inspiration, in itself, is a mixture of a few things. A pertinent requirement is the desire to continue a given task for any particular reason. Oft these tasks requiring motivation are not merely maintenance based but in pursuit of some tangible goal. 

I have just given quite a few Inspirational requisites in the above 1/2 paragraph:

  1. Be interested in something. Anything. Got Something? Cool. This will vary from person to person, but just being interested is in itself a necessity.
  2. Have a desire to make progress in some way. No progress desired? Then this will be lame. Like how taxes or the DMV are lame. Same thing - because you never progress, you just turn the wheel.
  3. Avoid maintenance based activities. Like working out 'just to stay in shape' or writing for your blog just to 'meet the bi-weekly deadline.' This type of thinking is a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. Goal? You will likely need one to stay motivated. By definition by avoiding maintenance based activity you will acquire a more tangible goal in the process. 

So now assuming that you are not here looking for me to give you inspiration to do nothing, which comes fairly naturally, we can deduce in a fairly elementary fashion that you would like to be motivated to do something. 

As the title implies; I will hitherto provide this motivation you speak of. This in exchange for but a small pittance from your normally destructive coherent functions.

Recall I implied avoiding maintenance based activity. This is paramount to creating Inspiration in humans.  This is paramount when looking for inspiration. 

Avoid maintenance based activity

Now I will take a jog down memory lane and tell you a story to serve our immediate purpose. At one point in my early 20's, I weighed 235lbs. I lifted constantly and consequentially was constantly sore. The more calories I ate, the larger I got and stronger I became. This behavior was not sustainable for the long term. After all, anybody who has said that they are as strong and as big as they will ever be is suddenly faced with the inevitable strength and size decline after that statement becomes true. In time, I found myself with a new task: to maintain my strength with as little investment as possible. Eight years later I weighed a paltry 200lbs while maintainingabout 90% of my strength in any given instance. This I accomplished with as little as two half-hour workouts a week.

Not bad, right? Once that point was reached and I discovered the minimum maintenance formula for strength, I needed to move on. After all, finding the least amount I could do and still be incredibly powerful was pretty cool since we are constantly being bombarded with "workout 5 days a week for gains" type nonsense. It was a very solid approach of going against the grain and I felt like I learned immensely while attempting it. So in a way, even though I was attempting to "maintain" my strength, the goal was to do it with less effort. Indeed to optimize the effort/strength relationship was the goal. 

When I became stagnated with the fruits of my labor, I needed a new goal. Now I am trying to again attain and maintain a low body fat percentage, with the least amount of effort possible. Same thing as before, just switch "staying strong" with "having low body fat." Now I find myself re-inspired because I am using new techniques and trying lots of interesting things which I haven't been at in years. As a side benefit I am noticing that activities that were officially detrimental to maintaining strength are assisting me in this new goal. It flipped my mental positive/negative consequences upside down for quite a few activities. 

Dude what are you getting at exactly

Dude what are you getting at exactly

To inspire yourself, just switch your goals related to something that you want. In the above example: I wanted to be big and strong, but mostly I wanted to not kill myself constantly in the gym, so I just switched my target to spending less time in the gym and maintaining the same strength. Then when I was becoming disheartened with being strong because it was easy, I changed the goal again to attaining a lower body fat. These changes allowed me to keep inspired throughout more than a decade of this ordeal. 

Below I will paste some cookie-cutter inspiration hacks for various things you are likely having issues with, and they will resonate:

  • Having trouble saving money? Find a way to save money that is not money driven. Eat less red meat and load up on veggies, and while you are at it, you will save money. I guarantee this will inspire you to eat healthier at the same time.
  • Having trouble with a girlfriend? Make your goal to lose a ton of body fat. This separates your personal shortcomings from the equation and allows you to have a new target that you can actually control. This will inspire you to lose the gut and ignore the woman, so it's a double win! 
  • Need motivation to write for a blog? Write your next post so that you make it up as you go along and tie it all together in a sort of self help fitness oriented article with a cool click bait title!

As you get older, you will notice that you are largely the only psychologist you will ever get, so you better figure out how your own brain works and pump it full of feel good juices. If you can't inspire yourself after reading that then shoot us an email or comment. We can surely help further. 


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