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Need action? Go where the action is.

Need action? Go where the action is.

I've been working on a theory for some time. It involves the basic need of the human psyche. As a contributing member of our financial blog here, it is fortunate that I have an outlet for these seemingly random mental outbursts. Fortunate for me that is. So this theory is related to the human need for stimulation and goal reaching at the same time. We all have hobbies, and we appreciate it when these hobbies are interesting and evolving to some extent. Perhaps I am not talking about all hobbies; perhaps what I am describing are hobbies that involve self improvement to some extent. Whereas playing guitar in a band could be applicable since you are trying to improve at something while enjoying it, and drinking margaritas on the beach would likely not be. After all, unless you are trying to drink more margaritas in a set time period, how would you improve the experience in said instance? 

I do not think everybody needs to feel like they are improving to enjoy life. I constantly am bombarded with the message "you are mediocre and that's ok so don't try" through various media and personal contacts, and it is a tiring message to ignore. But I manage. Ignoring irrelevant advice is one of my hobbies and find that I have become very good at it over the years. Go figure. 

Tell me more please

So again I have created a group of target people who this advice will apply to. They share traits that include:

  • Humans who have hobbies or interests
  • Humans who's mental well being is determined by their improvement in some regard
  • Humans that enjoy positive input from society in some aspect of their improvement (affirmation of increasing awesomeness from others, peer recognition, etc)
  • Humans who take stock of where they are in a certain regard and pursue changing and measured steps to improve (not the fools who try the same thing over and over with no result and get bummed out)

Again if this is not you to a "t" then of course you have my permission to keep reading the article, but it is doubtful you will receive anything of value from it. I haven't found a whole lot of people that this applies to anyway. I mean yeah lots of people think it applies, but they never close the loop properly on the self improvement/assessment so it's a gray area at best.

Up to this point we really haven't covered anything new. We merely have delved into  describing a certain personality trait that some people have besides me (citation needed.) The next part is the kicker: If this is you, then I have some cool advice!

That's right, if this is you, I can teach you to get huger, longer, faster, whatever you want and harvest more feels than you could ever imagine.

we have touched on some of this nonsense a couple times:

Those are both basically miserable articles where we go back to the old adage "misery builds character" and spin it a bit different.  

Ultimately people with the above described self-improvement type personality would do well to follow this advice. But we must be careful not to fall into the trap of pursuing misery for misery's sake which seems like something that would never happen to anybody but it does happen. Not to me but maybe some lesser people. I digress. 

Most of our articles and advice are centered around self improvement so no big deal. The new thing for us here at Financial Jiu Jitsu is what we are saying today to all who will listen-

"Enjoy how much better you are than everybody else. Sometimes."


I mean after all, you frieking earned it. Always working while your neighbors smoke weed and dump trash on the street, always lifting weights while your friends watch reruns of tv series they liked on Netflix, always grinding it while the content professionals have relegated to once or twice a week doing some useless ass thing they may have used to be good at. Reading while others sleep. Sprinting while others jog. Writing while others look at cartoons. Getting wasted while others get buzzed. Getting shredded like Parmesan cheese while others get bloated at the fountain of life. 

gaze on our bulk nerds because we are huger as we could ever be and hungrier than ever before!

gaze on our bulk nerds because we are huger as we could ever be and hungrier than ever before!

Here's my advice to us:

There are lots of people out there who will not like you simply because they can tell you have these personality traits. Even if you are not that good at something and they are, they still resent your personality of improvement. You need to recognize when these people are around and trust me they are everywhere. The mere thought of you doing hard stuff angers them and they can't understand why, but they will try to hold you back from the promotions, girls, and recognition you need to be happy. Say to yourself "I see you" when you look at them and watch their facade recede with whatever power they held if any. This even works with people in a position of power over you, in fact it even works better sometimes. Use their narcissistic games against them if you have to, but generally try to avoid it as it costs you something in the long run. You could even literally say to them "I see you," and if they ever figure it out, they will be defeated. The level of understanding needed to understand this phrase naturally is acquired through a twisted path.

Another thing, sometimes staying in the improvement cycle outlined above isn't enough for you, sometimes you need to go where the action is. What do I mean by that? If you are in a band, try to play bigger shows with bigger bands in front of you. If you dance, then go to huge dance competitions and try to stomp some fools with your skills. If you like finances then save a bunch of money and hang out with wannabe entrepreneurs at the local wine bar. Lift weights? Compete. Drive fast cars? Race. You may even find other people like yourself on the way. There aren't a whole hell of a lot of us as a percentage of the population, but when you find another one, all kinds of doors are opened to you. Imagine having two of you in a band how fantastic that would be! Or two of you running a business! Or a workout partner with 20+ years of experience! The possibilities are limitless. The point is to find people on your level because it recharges your faith in the human race and inevitable success. I will say this again; there aren't a whole hell of a lot of us so look hard and hold on!

Finally, character, once built, can be used as a bank account. You can write checks against it on occasion. There is an old saying 

"Beware the fury of a patient man"

-John Dryden

A patient man has developed patience over many years, and as such if you make him mad and he turns this reservoir of resolve against you, you've had it. If some drunk guy at a bar calls you a name, you probably shouldn't care because the dude has no character and obviously there is no credence to what he says. But if it came from your father? You would think about it for years and you would change as a result. Once you have character, you are essentially the father of others around you. If you say something that is well thought out and measured and straight to the point, it will likely stick for years on the target and cause decent emotional distress in the short term. Notice you will rarely, if ever, do this, because you have character and restraint! That's what makes it so powerful. You have this power, it goes along with your personality type. Funny thing is that as the father, you will be helping whoever you are honest with, but most will resent the power you hold over them, as they may actually resent their own father! 

That is all.

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