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Very Verbose Financial Exposition; Guest Author Ed.

Very Verbose Financial Exposition; Guest Author Ed.

Living on your own whim for the purpose of success:

The blind leading the blind… to a monumental degree the aforementioned sentence ails and continually torments the financial prowess chained down inside us.

Undeniably the average millennial has a foreseen path, one that was conjured up by another, and therein lies the crux of my point. Your father, mother, sister, brother, outreaching friend, professor, and the occasional stranger all have tidbits, even sometimes hours worth of advice which they give forth with a knack for changing what they see fit... in you, reader.

To takes one’s stated advice for the only purpose of doing so is incredibly detrimental to YOUR time, YOUR visions , and in turn, YOUR life.

A few examples of advocacy which ruptures the very self and its importance are listed:

  1. Going to college for the sole purpose of satisfying parents or friends
  2. Keeping a job to satisfy parents or friends
  3. Applying another's perception to life because it worked for them (seldom times it will work for you)

To live and to be encapsulated with these examples means the handicap of many things, the heavyweights of those things being lost time, because you are forfeiting your own path, lost cash, because you aren't utilizing the grace of youth, and lost advantages, because you have no idea what experiences have been missed whilst playing someone else's game.

Now let's take in a few examples of what a woman or man would do if he/she were to live life based ONLY on his/her perception:

  1. Live and act according to what they deem is important
  2. Commit to the life they strive for, with a cognizance that commitment is tenacity, that it is movement.
  3. Shuck off the people that denounce their way of life, because by feeding them they are wasting time, and time is of course, money
  4. Are ultimately content with their way of going about everything, because this way is their own

Success isn't universally applicable, it means one thing to one, and another thing to another. If a content rich man tells a content homeless man that he is wrong, then the rich man is wrong... vise versa. Imagine the rich man for a second, he is the outcome of his many previous reactions to everything, as is everyone, so seeing that this man applied his perception to life and is now rich, then moreover, he should be happy with what he has earned.

Moreover, since you have ventured to this particular website, you are most plausibly seeking financial success, which in the pursuit of such a thing you might wonder how this outlook, or way of living, could help aid in the alleviation of financial woe. By implementing this process into your path and getting over the rocky spots that naturally come with such a drastic change you will start becoming more accustomed to living in said way, and once you have become comfortable with this process two things will become clearer to you. One right off the bat being that your financial success must go hand in hand with what you wish to seek... for the sake of contentedness. Another being that the sum of your pocket is the amount of your work ethic; the harder you implement working and learning the ropes of what you wish to accomplish, the faster you will accomplish such things, and the more you will become susceptible to occasions of luck. So choosing your own way will not only make you exultant, but also financially successful if you work hard enough, and smart enough.

I know these things well. I know that if you are in the position of a man or woman who is burdened with the very thought process of acting on others whims, then you are most plausibly in a safety net, one that makes you shudder and grind your teeth at the very thought of jumping off into uncertainty. However, make an attempt at entertaining these thoughts, becoming accustomed to them. Making the leap, and working damn hard, for the fulfillment of whatever you want want to strive for, is paramount to being a divine being in this harsh existence.

The great existentialist Jean Paul Sartre said "to know what life is worth you have to risk it once in awhile.

The great existentialist Jean Paul Sartre said "to know what life is worth you have to risk it once in awhile.

Risk something, be a pain in the ass of others who don't like what you do. In turn find the ones who care; they are out there.  Wouldn't you rather die doing what you see fit as opposed to letting life fly by whilst on your knees?

A wise author: Hunter Stockton Thompson, once said “who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?


I leave it at that.

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