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The FJJ Disappointment Scale

The FJJ Disappointment Scale

Here at FJJ, we realize that disappointment and negative feelings are a part of life. A good way to learn to get used to the bad feelings associated with failure is to quantify them to some degree. In a way, many people already do this by saying things like "Yeah well, it could have been worse," or "Hey man at least xxxx didn't happen." Without further adieu, below is the FJJ scale of disappointment:

The Financial Jiu Jitsu Disappointment Scale

And a txt version for the 'bots:

  1. Your new shoes fit so good that you need to buy a shoehorn to get them on and off without untying them every time. Thanks Alfani.

  2. A friend cancels on you. (This is low on the list because we realize that free time is usually better than hangout time anyway.)

  3. A machine shop is 1 week late in delivering your parts. Ppl in the business know this is normal and not even worth mentioning.

  4. You order or buy something. Within a week the item goes on sale. Move this up 2 spaces if you have not received the item by the time you see it cheaper in real life.

  5. Starbucks barista fills your cup to 65% level when you ask for a "little room please"

  6. A co-worker actually has a question when they ask "any questions?" at the end of a meeting.

  7. Commute traffic adds 10-15 minutes (or 25% of total if you need to relate it to a commute on either extreme end of the spectrum)

  8. While fixing something, you break something else that you will need to fix.

  9. Someone gives you advice that they themselves clearly have not followed in the past but strongly believe you should adhere to. Always this happens in front of other people who agree with them.

  10. A design specification that you and the customer had reviewed prior to the conclusion of a project was not met. And as always, even though it was a theoretical design target, they want you to fix the hardware on your dime. And also, they CC everybody on an email chain about it which devolves into multiple single sentence replies between only 2 people.

I have also come up with a formula which will predict how disappointing something could be. This is not a by-the-numbers equation but more of a mathematical reference to help you determine what is proportional to and inversely proportional to attaining a maximum feeling of failure.

Directly proportional to: (How much pain it causes you physically)x(How much pain it causes you mentally)x(How much financial loss the event incurs)x(How visible is this event to others)x(How important is this failure at a personal level)x(How important is this failure as it is perceived by society)x(How long said event was in duration)

Inversely proportional to: (How much you gained financially from the event)x(How much you gained personally from the event)x(How secret the event was)x(How smug you are allowed to be that the event occurred)x(How fast was it over with)x(How many others failed along with you if failure was involved)

Thanks again for joining us in pursuit of your financial and personal goals. 

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