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Financial Jiu Jitsu will teach you how to gain leverage in the real world, step by step, until you are confident you no longer need more.

Kicking Off, the FJJ Way

Kicking Off, the FJJ Way

Dave and Don here, welcoming you to Financial Jiu Jitsu (FJJ.) This site is run by two eerily like-minded engineers. Our goal is to train you to be financially savvy, and at the same time keep you as down to earth as possible. 

As generation Y'ers / Millennials,  we have a different outlook towards the world than traditional financial advisers would have. We have seen the market collapse a few times. We have seen a sure thing or two turn into nothing, and sound investments plummet against all odds. This experience provides us with a somewhat unique world view when it comes to being young and competitive in the modern financial world.

On one hand, we understand that the only way to win the game is to get skin into it. You can't get lucky investing if you don't invest. You can't earn money without leveraging your assets, whatever they may be.  You won't be able to get ahead very far until you start moving forward with a purpose, consistently.

On the other hand, today's markets are unpredictable and are NOT the place to stash your money as it is traditionally advised. The fire-and-forget method of classical wealth building is dead, because of diminishing rates of return, increased living expenses, and risk. Reflect, and you will notice how the term diversification has changed. Formerly, it meant invest in different stocks while backing them up with real estate. Now the term has evolved to include leveraging foreign currency, Bitcoin, debt, real estate, peer to peer lending, non-traditional low-cost index funds, foreign markets, and a modern approach to tax strategy. 

The bad news:

You're probably asking yourself, "Why do I care about this? I just want to do one thing and be able to get ahead." If we're the first ones to tell you what you're about to read, we're sorry: those times are gone. Like the days of bodybuilding without drugs, completely and utterly gone; poof and they ain't coming back. Like the days of stand up only competitors in MMA. Did that time ever even exist? Gone. Outdated. Outclassed.

The good news:

Fortunately, learning can be fun and having mentors along the way is even better. Competing with a honed edge adds even more to the experience. Developing a mastery of anything is difficult. But if you're willing to put in the work, by the time you get to a high level, you may have already surpassed some of your other goals along the way. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and you better get used to that idea and start to expect it. 

The Takeaway

Here at FJJ we are going to document our techniques for getting ahead in the modern world in real time. We intend to share those techniques with you, so you can get ahead as well. Hopefully our sense of humor and odd tactics don't scare you off before we have a chance to develop your mind. Pay attention kids, Financial Jiu Jitsu is in session!

Rental property depreciation - a big tax write off for a big return

Rental property depreciation - a big tax write off for a big return